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        • plate compactor
        • plate compactor
        Product Name:plate compactor
        Low maintenance design
        Less time and less costly to repair
        Idea for sand,gravel and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations,walls and abutments.
        Built-in wheel for easy transport
        Foldable handle for easy transport 
        *Straight handle is also available
        1.Foldable hand for easy transport and stock
        2.Open plate provides self cleaning
        3.Built-in wheel for easy transport
        4.radius base plate for easy access to corners
        5.Sealed belt cover to prevent sand and soil in
        6.Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper engine and handle
        Engine                             Air-cooled.4-cycle,single cylinder
        Engine typePetrol,Honda GX160USA brand, BRIGGS & STRATTONChinese Petrol engine Loncin GF200 
        Weight65 kgs
        Frequency5600 vpm
        Centrifugal Force10.5 kn
        Compaction Depth20 cm
        Travel Speed 40 cm/s
        Efficency 450 m2/hr
        Plate Size 53*35 cm
        Packing size 79*48*72cm